Differences between Spirituality and Religion

Deepak Chopra, an American author once said that “Religion is the belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.” Most people are confused between spirituality and religion. They consider the two as the same but one can be more private and personal while the other can be full of doctrines and public rituals. It should also be noted that spirituality can be a form of religion while religion can be a form of spirituality. This article’s aim is to further clarify the differences between spirituality and religion.

Religion has many forms while spirituality promotes unity. Each religion has its own rules, doctrines, stories, and beliefs. Each of them believes that their path is the right one. Spirituality lets you see that there is only one truth that unites us all even though all of us are different.

Religion sets limits while spirituality sets you free. Religion wants you to follow certain rules, ideology, or doctrines or else you will be punished. Spirituality lets you follow your heart and honor everything that you feel is right. It lets you realize that every action that you make, there is a reaction coming from the universe. An example of this is if you do good things then good karma will come back to you.

Religion tells you what is right while spirituality lets you find it for yourself. Religion tells you everything that you need to believe to. Spirituality lets you discover it on your own. It lets you feel a connection with your “higher self”. It lets you know what is right by listening to your heart.

Religion is dependent while spirituality makes you independent. A person who attends religious events and often prays at churches or mosques can be seen as someone who deserves happiness. Spirituality lets you understand that happiness is found within and you can be happy anytime without going to any religious events. Divinity flourishes inside all of us regardless of where we are and that’s why we are always worthy.

Religion tells you to follow other people’s journey while spirituality lets you make your own. The foundation of religion is a story about a journey of God or Deities who achieved enlightenment. Religion makes you follow the footstep of those Gods. Spirituality lets you create your own journey. It makes you discover the truth through your own way. Truth is the same for all of us no matter how you discover it.